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Restrosol is a food and beverage consulting company that helps food business entrepreneurs at every stage of the creation, management and development of their business at their location.
Surrounded by the best experts and the most powerful players in the sector, our firm goes far beyond culinary advice by providing effective support to entrepreneurs (traditional or fast restaurant, bar, virtual restaurants, hotel restaurants, bakery / pastry, themed restaurant, catering service, event management …), providing them with crucial assistance at the operational and managerial level, as well as their future development in country.
We also provide effective support to food and beverage businesses with operational and managerial difficulties, and provide training in French and English, in both student and professional environments.
In vast food world many company charging huge amount in terms of Franchise Fee for outlets. Even after paying that amount they are still not fully owner of that outlet. So we came up with food consulting company to help you in setting up your own outlet without any such type of fee.


Founder Corner

After studying at the top Institute of Hotel Management, punctuated by professional experiences alongside the greatest chefs in all cuisines, he moved to the Restaurant Chain and took in hand the management of several restaurants and bars of a large Restaurant chain in order to perfect his managerial skills.
With his experience, he moved to another Coffee Shop Chain and opened several upscale restaurant in different locations of India, which met with immediate success and received praise from the press.

To perfect his skills and his experiences, he follows in parallel various operational and administrative training’s pushed in management of the restoration. In parallel, he develops its network and is very quickly solicited by entrepreneurs of the sector for managerial, strategic and operational missions.
In 2019, he founded Restrosol to support many entrepreneurs in food and beverage world on a daily basis.

Meet Our Team

Chandra Jyoti Sharma

Chandra Jyoti Sharma

Event Planner
Ajit Kumar Sahoo

Ajit Kumar Sahoo

Menu engineering Expert
Rakesh Biswal

Rakesh Biswal

Digital Marketing Expert
Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Mishra

Client Relationship Manager

Our Mission


We work with passion, perfection and professionalism to focus on profit making plans for our clients and by emphasizing on the return of Investment and minimalizing the Capital and Operational expenses

Our Mission


To become the world’s number one (#1) restaurant consultancy firm that provide unorthodox and distinctive restaurant concepts, food and beverage ideas, operational processes, marketing strategies, and staff training.

Our Core Values

  • Core Values

    • 1. Passion
    • 2. Professionalism
    • 3. Perfection
    • 4. Trust
    • 5. Accountability


  • Distinctive – unique
  • Innovative- pioneering/ unorthodox

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